Created On: 27 January 2014

Zone3 are pleased to announce that they will be launching worldwide in 2014. The expansion will see the multi award winning triathlon brand selling in over 15 countries globally and partnering with some of best selling retailers in the world.

As a self proclaimed organic growth brand, the announcement spells exciting times for the British company.

Started back in 2007, Zone3 have been careful not to launch into international markets too soon. With the sport growing worldwide year on year and the number of triathlon brands increasing every season, Zone3 have restrained from a worldwide launch, sacrificing sales in the process.

However, founder and CEO, James Lock, argues this has been the key to success.

"For me Zone3 was never about trying to grow as quickly as possible in the shortest space of time. We wanted to make sure that every product was absolutely as good as it could possibly be before expanding further. After five years of top industry reviews and thousands of happy customers we feel 2014 was the right time to allow retailers across the globe to have access to our range."

The philosophy of the company has always been to grow organically and really value our retail partners. These guys are the foundation of the business and without them we wouldn't have been able to establish ourselves as the number one selling brand in the UK"

Zone3 have played a big influence in the grass roots tri scene in the UK over the last 7 years. Working closely with retailers, Zone3 have attended 100's of club sessions and events, in the process creating a large, but more importantly, loyal customer base. This is a strategy that they are keen to employ as they seek to become the World's leading triathlon brand.

"We are a grass roots led company and do as much as possible to work the triathlon community. Our vision is that we can replicate this model worldwide, allowing as many people to benefit from our products as possible"

Whilst international success beckons and new markets are set to be seized upon, it's clear that Zone3 have their feet firmly on the ground.

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