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As Spring is approaching and we are getting some better weather! Maybe the turbo isn't as essential to actually riding but is a great training aid for specific sessions for early season triathlons or the all important markers to be laid down in the Duathlon season. If you have been working to improve your bike section or the ability to run off the bike with conviction the Brick (Bike Run) or RuBrick (Run Bike Run) sessions below will be very beneficial.

Turbo Bricks

A turbo trainer can be used for brick sessions to cut down on the need for loads of clothes and helmet etc to ride in then get too hot running. So set it up in your garage or track side and get your transitions practised. Whether you are practising the technique or getting your body used to that all important change that can make very good runners legs turn rubbery.

When practising transition techniques do everything the same as you would on race day. Leave shoes on your pedals (elastic bands are essential) even the very best have flicked a shoe off and lost valuable times (plus you don't want your carbon shoes scuffed!). Helmet and glasses on tri bars ready may not be necessary on the turbo but as the F1 drivers and crews do practise, practise then practise again. Gaining seconds practising on every brick session during the winter and spring can save seconds come race day and can equate to several months of gains elsewhere, plus a smooth unhurried transition leaves you more relaxed to run.

So whether it is after every turbo session you do or a specific distance / time target you are going for running even for 5 minutes off of the turbo is a must to get your body used to this very specific strain. Other benefits can be warming up for 10 minutes on the turbo before a run session ensuring you are well warmed up and physios recommend either this or cross trainer warm ups in rehabilitation.

RuBricks (Duathlon training)

Alright so it's a made up word! But with Duathlons being a strange combination of two runs in one race again your body needs preparing for this. The distance of your target race for the Spring will have an effect on what duration of session you choose but the principle is the same. You want to run then ride then run on race day, you better do it in training. These sessions like the one below can involve several transitions and at different intensities to mimic different race types and conditions. If you know the course you are aiming for has a big hill every lap and a long decent into transition use the gears and control your heart rate to practise this very specific course requirement.

If you find whilst trying these sessions that you set of riding better and can control the pace better if you jog into transition and like the biathletes do before shooting reduce their heart rate then do it in a race, even if your arch rival has blasted into T1. Your transitions will be smoother and under control and it has been found that you can then build the pace on the bike more controlled and therefore sustain a better all round pace.

 Brick Session in article

RuBrick Session - in article

About the author:

Mark at MyTriCoach has been coaching for 6 years helping others with his knowledge of training requirements at all distances and levels that he has amassed over 23 years in the sport. From his first triathlons the Jordan series in Bedford and the Hillingdon Tri Stars events to representing his country at junior level and cycling for a French team Mark has combined his sport with full time work and family life.  This has given him a clear understanding of the desire to get the best out of the time available.

Coached athletes at MyTriCoach perform at all distances and at all levels of the triathlon spectrum. Programs cater for 1 to 1 sessions, group outings or distance (emailed / phone) programs. During 2010 season MyTriCoach athletes qualified and competed in all the major European and World Championships, 70.3 and Ironman World Championships, several athletes competed on the elite domestic circuit, as well as those who produced life time personal bests.

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