Created On: 26 January 2011

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the latest HD video content that is used in the new Catch Masterclass DVD offering when I took part in the Swim Smooth Coaches' Workshop at Loughborough last October.

Technical Content 9/10

Having absorbed all of the information at the workshop and then taking the opportunity to put the techniques into practice with swimmers of all ability levels over the last few months, I can happily vouch for the value of this video resource to help swimmers reflect on what they are trying to achieve, and learn fundamental techniques that will help them develop injury free, efficient and powerful swim strokes.

I have an open mind about different coaching methods and practices absorbing information from many different sources of expertise - but I find that I can really empathise with the Swim Smooth approach, because it doesn't assume "one size fits all".

SS Catch Masteclass DVD - in article

Coaching Delivery 10/10

Paul Newsome's style is relaxed, well rehearsed and easy to follow. He has developed a pragmatic approach acknowledging that everyone is different and has different learning styles. Which for me certainly comes through in this DVD but is expanded upon in more detail with the Swim Smooth Swim Types

Value for Money 9/10

With benefit of hindsight and bitter experience, having purchased lots of sports coaching DVDs over the years, I would advise anyone thinking of buying a sports coaching DVD that if there isn't a decent free preview available - don't bother, its probably not up to scratch! The guys at Swim Smooth are that confident that their DVD is worth every penny they have put some really good HiDef clips on their website for you to see for yourself.

Camera Work and Picture Quality 10/10

Adam's camera work and video editing is second to none, I am sure we have all seen some really useful underwater video footage over the years and YouTube clips of the swimming greats in action. But believe me these video sequences are incredible to watch time and time again.

Overall Rating 9/10

About the Author:

Steve Casson Head Shot

Steve Casson is a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach and a GB Age Group Triathlete. At the beginning of 2009 Steve set up a triathlon performance coaching studio in Northampton to fulfil a vision of providing a range of 1-2-1 technical coaching sessions and performance testing services to complement his interactive coaching support package.

During 2010 Cassonz Performance Coaching helped a wide range of triathletes from Novices to Age Group World Championship medallists achieve their goals.

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